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An International Centre for Excellence in Serious Games Applied Research, Business Engagement and Study

Serious Games Institute is an operating division of Coventry University

Internships at the Serious Games Institute

Internships at the Serious Games InstituteIf you're looking to find a career within the Serious Games industry, an internship at the Serious Games Institute (SGI) could stand you in good stead. The SGI is the first institute dedicated to Serious Games in the UK and Europe.

The SGI is now offering potential internships, with opportunities ranging from working on established projects or developing new ones, alongside highly qualified professionals. You would be working in a highly specialised environment, gaining practical work experience while being able to take real responsibilities and have a direct impact on decision making.
Working in this challenging environment, you can gain the concrete skills and cutting edge concepts required to launch a truly successful career in the Serious Games sector.

For more information please contact Dr Maurice Hendrix - Email