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Pause: Get out of the game

Pause: Get out of the game

Free to play and download at:

Pause: Get Out Of The Game was developed as part of an awareness campaign meant to bring light to the dangers of video game addiction.

In the game you play as a video game addict trying to sustain your addiction as long as possible by avoiding your responsibilities and obligations. Choosing to continue to play and progressing through the game causes your character to suffer in both their physical and social life.

Players are given scenarios along the way which offer them the opportunity to stop playing the game so that they may take care of their responsibilities and obligations. They may also choose to continue, progressing further and degrading their character. On reaching the final stage in the game the player is presented with the last message which informs them of their addictive behavior and how it is hurting them and the people they love.

The game is meant to be a no-win scenario because you are playing as an addict. Life does not stop for an addiction and you cannot put off your responsibilities and obligations forever.

Technical Info
Platforms PC
User Requirements
System Requirements PC with Windows XP or higher
Demo URL