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Serious Games Institute is an operating division of Coventry University

Oliver Goh

Oliver Goh

On July 6th 2007, some of the worlds top technology innovators unveiled a community project, called EOLUS One in Second Life. It aims to explore how virtual worlds can be used to improve our daily lives, and help create a better environment for everyone.

Eolus One addresses C02 reduction, energy management, health, education and networking. It is a remarkable example of how corporations from around the world can collaborate, and innovate for the benefit of all.

Main projects:
- Virtual Operations Center
- Data Center Management
- Energy & Load Management
- Future Retail Center
- Building Automation
- Fleet Management / Logistics

EOLUS One brings together service providers and innovators from many disciplines and industries as one community to create new solutions that take full advantage of the 3D virtual environment.

3D virtual environments encourage close partnerships and rapid innovation and offer a new way to interact with real world data, and other people, regardless of location.

EOLUS One uses backend systems like IBM Websphere Commerce, SAP ERP2005 and advanced Building Automation (Energy Management, Preventive Maintainance, Alert Management) to cover the whole supply chain from manufacture to customer delivery.

EOLUS One utilizes the global collaborative qualities of 3D immersive virtual worlds (multi-channeled electronically mediated communication , rapid prototyping , video / music Streaming) to bridge previously impassable communications gaps.

We are reinventing business presentations and corporate / community interaction, with events that bridge the worlds of Art, Music, Technology and Industry.

Eolus One team members come from a variety of backgrounds (Business , Technology , Marketing , Journalism, Research & Development, Architecture , Art, and Music).

These unique, multi-cultural, geographically dispersed individuals put Eolus One in a position to come up with new ways of working in the competitive, dynamic, intercultural global business environment.

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