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Ashley Matteson

Ashley Matteson

Mr. Ashley Matteson currently serves as a Steering Group member and Cyber Security advisor to the International Risk, Resilience and Response Centre (IRRRC) chaired jointly by Coventry University in the UK and Texas A&M University Engineering Extension (TEEX) in the US. He is also a PhD Candidate for Research in Cloud Computing Security. In addition to his PhD work and previous education, Mr. Matteson has completed and become certified in all foundation and capability based Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL) courses. The ITIL service management training along with his other education and experience has positioned him as a well-respected leader in his industry. As such, Mr. Matteson has been a featured speaker on Cyber Security at workshops and conferences throughout the UK with plans for the same in the US and throughout Europe in the future. He has also been accepted as an invited expert within the Trusted Computing Group which provides secure and interoperable hardware-based computing platform recommendations to national and international standard bodies.

Prior to arriving in the United Kingdom to study and perform his employment duties for the US Government, Mr. Ashley Matteson served as a Project Manager for the US Government for Metadata at Fort Meade, Maryland. Mr. Matteson also served as a software engineer and configuration manager working Human Intelligence (HUMINT) for Distributed Common Ground System (DCGS) related software at Fort Huachuca, Arizona. Additionally, he has served as a test engineer performing operational tests at United States Combatant Commands on the Net-Centric Enterprise Services (NCES) collaboration components. Mr. Matteson has also served in various capacities in systems architecture and data management related areas using the US Department of Defense Architectural Framework (DoDAF) and other industry and government standards. While in the US Army, he served in the Signal Corp maintaining Line of Sight and Troposphere signal equipment enabling Warfighters to communicate in a tactical environment.

Mr. Matteson is a native of Arizona in the United States of America and is a graduate of Western International University with a Masters in Business Administration and a Bachelors degree in Information Technology. His career as a Department of Defense civilian brought him and his family from Arizona to Fort Meade, Maryland in 2008 and has now moved them to the United Kingdom.

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