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Dr. Fotis Liarokapis

Dr. Fotis Liarokapis

Fotis holds a DPhil in Computer Engineering at the University of Sussex, an MSc in Computer Graphics and Virtual Environments at the University of Hull and a BEng in Computer Systems Engineering at the University of Sussex.

In September 2004, he joined the Department of Information Science at City University as a Research Fellow and Visiting Lecturer and worked on an EPSRC, Location and Timing KTN funded research project called LOCUS until April 2007. Before that he worked as a research officer at an FP5 European Union funded research project called ARCO.

In April 2007, he joined the Department of Computing and the Digital Environment, Faculty of Engineering and Computing at Coventry University in the position of Senior Lecturer and the Serious Games Institute in the position of research fellow.

Since January 2009 he is the director of Interactive Worlds Applied Research Group (iWARG). He is also a visiting lecturer at the Centre for VLSI and Computer Graphics, University of Sussex and a visiting research fellow at the giCentre, City University.

Furthermore, he is a member of IEEE, IET, ACM and BCS. Fotis has contributed to more than 48 refereed publications and has more than 170 citations. He has been invited 26 times to become member of international conference committees and has chaired 6 sessions in 4 international conferences.

He is the editor in chief for the 'International Journal of Interactive Worlds (IJIW)' and on the editorial advisory board of 'The Open Virtual Reality Journal' published by Bentham.

Finally, he has organised the 1st IEEE International Conference in Games and Virtual Worlds for Serious Applications, the STARS session of the 10th VAST International Symposium on Virtual Reality, Archaeology and Cultural Heritage and he is on the steering committee of the 2nd IEEE International Conference in Games and Virtual Worlds for Serious Applications.

Selected Publications:

Liarokapis, F., Anderson, E. Using Augmented Reality as a Medium to Assist Teaching in Higher Education, To appear in Eurographics 2010, Education Program, Norrkfping, Sweden, 4-7 May, (2010).

de Freitas, S., Rebolledo-Mendez, G., Liarokapis, F., Magoulas, G., Poulovassilis, A. Learning as immersive experiences: Using the four-dimensional framework for designing and evaluating immersive learning experiences in a virtual world, British Journal of Educational Technology, Blackwell Publishing, 41(1): 69-85, (2010). ISSN: 0007-1013.


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