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Mandela27 is a cultural collaboration between the European Union and South Africa inspired by the iconic story of Nelson Mandela and the globally recognized Robben Island Museum. The project involves a physical display based upon the dimensions of Nelson Mandela's cell, housing cultural stories and works. Plus digital outputs that include an interactive cultural map of Europe and SA; a serious game depicting prison life on Robben Island; and a panoramic tour of key spots of Robben Island Maximum Security Prison.

Aim and Objectives

This project aims to foster cooperation between EU and SA based on cultural exchange. To circulate cultural and heritage items through the display and the eCulture platform and to encourage growth in cultural games through mobility of experts in cultural display, graphic and games design. 


  • Increased awareness of: the Nelson Mandela story in EU and SA
  • Promotion of cultural in EU and SA
  • A display based on Nelson Mandela's cell
  • Circulation of cultural events (100)
  • Collaboration between EU and SA in development of the project and transfer of experience in cultural productions
  • Skills development through the development of a serious cultural game and a digital platform
  • A crowd sourced space for people old and young to record their stories and hopes for the future


  • Display based upon Mandela's cell
  • Interactive map of 100 cultural events across EU and SA
  • Serious Game to engage young people in discussions about the project
  • Crowd Sourcing area - community inclusion
  • Lecture series on the Mandela prison years and culture
  • Increased knowledge in EU about sensitive/political culture displays/exhibition
  • Development of skills and outputs in graphic novels/games design/cultural games /displays in SA and EU
  • 39 cultural exchanges during the project
  • Integrated marketing communication campaign
For more information about the Mandela27 project please visit the project's website or contact Dr Alex Wolner